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add meets Virna Toppi: Prima ballerina at La Scala in Milan, whose positive energy is expressed through dance.

Virna Toppi

add: When did your passion for dance start?

V: Dance has always been a part of me. Since I was a child, as soon as I heard music on the radio, on TV or even in a city square, I began to dance and to move freely. It has always given me joy.

add: When did you choose to turn dance into a profession?

V: Immediately! [laughs]. I've always wanted to be a dancer. My parents initially tried to point me towards other sports, which could physically train me more, but I continued to insist a lot and around the age of 8 I managed to have myself enrolled in a dance school. I set foot in the hall and... I never got out of it.

add: Tell us about a significant turning point that allowed you to see dance as an expression of yourself.

V: I would say my working experience in Munich at the Bayerische Staatsballett: being the principal dancer has made me grow. In those years I regained the power and freshness that prompted me to start dancing and I returned to Milan with much more energy, ready to get back into the game.

add: What does Milan represent for you?

V: I love Milan. It is a unique city, a perfect mix of lifestyle, international vibes and the comfort of reaching every place in a short time. In Milan you can find everything you want… only the sea is missing [laughs].

add: One of the add founding values is lightness: lightness of the garments (thanks to the particular technologies used to make them light and warm at the same time), and lightness in terms of approach to life. Is this a value you find important to you?

V: Absolutely, I always try to spend my everyday life in a very optimistic and light way. I try to live with simplicity, not superficiality, and give due weight to things.

add: What is your relationship with fashion?

V: I have always loved dressing well, even as a child I wanted to match the clothes according to my taste. In recent years I have begun to pay more attention to the details of a garment’s creation. They express the garment’s intrinsic value and the ability to last over time, just as in the add ones.

add: What do you see in your near future?

V: On a professional level, I will continue doing my job, performing in all the theaters in the world, without ever losing the passion for dance that makes me get up in the morning feeling happy and grateful for the life I have. On the private side, I dream one day of creating my family, my home, my corner in the world.

Virna Toppi

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