add® was born in 1999 with the desire to transform the vision of down outerwear: from a product aimed at responding only to practical needs to a relevant wardrobe staple that spans across all seasons. This intention has led the search for fabrics and diverse quilting and layering techniques capable of allowing the creation of comfortable garments that could be, at the same time, warm and superlight, while refined in design. The men’s and women’s collections are designed to embrace different styles, from minimal moods to more conceptual forms, in the desire to develop a transversal concept of elegance. Just like the concept, the categories are always expanding based on new technologies, giving us the opportunity to create clothing and outerwear suitable for our daily life, adding to our ease and comfort.

A capsule wardrobe that works (and explores) as much as you do. Packing is easy and travel is light. Elements are faced with insulating layers that feel light as air. Whether it’s cityscapes or nature views, you’re always ready. You’re going places, in pieces that merge performance technology with contemporary design.

The world is open and there’s no time to wait. Navigating between an active lifestyle and new adventures calls for a collection of clothing that suits every need — from hiking across mountain ranges and unwinding on a beach to long-distance travel across continents.

Technical Innovation
The new technology in processing fabrics allows us to use these performance textiles not only for outerwear but for our lifestyle clothing as well. Garments become crease-resistant and water-repellent. Layers are lightweight and breathable, and silhouettes are easily adjusted. The considered addition of the high tenacity ripstop means that wear, and tear, are of no concern.
Adding-on to our well-being and comfort, with these new technologies and high-tech materials we developed the wave shielding pocket and the breathable layer.

Wave Shielding Pocket
We introduce the Wave Shielding Pocket for Mobile with one of the most powerful EMF shielding fabrics in the world. Uniquely placed within the jacket’s pocket, it shields your body while allowing the phone to fully function without decreasing its power. This shielding provides 99% effectiveness from the radiation your cell phone emits. This fabric is a technical combination of diverse metals that allows our pocket to provide remarkable electric and magnetic shielding. Particularly for near-filed situations, such as when you hold your phone close to your body.

Breathable Technology
Made of high-tech materials, this down layer is engineered to be fully waterproof, windproof and breathable to add on as inner layer or to wear singularly. The soft down padding is wrapped in tubes, made of ultralight, nylon fabric sewed onto a breathable and resistant layer in DWR stretch Ripstop, nylon which protects your body from humidity, wind and rain. Highly compressible, soft and light, this technique allows moisture vapor and excess heat to quickly transfer through the layer, maintaining comfort sensations during wear and maximus freedom of movement.