ADD | Potafiori

add meets Rosalba Piccinni, creator of “POTAFIORI”. Flower artist, singer, and a real person above all.


add: Why do you define yourself as a “CantaFiorista” (literally, “singer-florist”)?

R: Very simple: I am a singer who sells flowers and a florist who sings.
Music was born first: as a child I decided that when I grew up I would be a singer. The interest in flowers arose by chance in the course of my life when, looking for a job, I found one at a flower shop. I went along with what life offered me, keeping my passions in mind, and ultimately I came to combine plants, flowers and music.

add: What is your life philosophy?

R: I was born into a large family, from which I learned to directly share my emotions and passions. Then, at a certain point from Bergamo I felt ready to face the metropolis Milan: I wanted to go further while maintaining my genuine, direct and enthusiastic approach to life.
Milan welcomed me with the opportunity to confront me and express myself at my best: here I feel free but at the same time driven not to disappoint expectations... My transformation was the natural consequence of the contamination of my many interests that never run dry. Life always leads me to look forward even when we are under pressure. I am a concrete person: even in this period I managed to create something original and move beyond. This is because my life is driven by passion, creativity and empathy. This is what flowers have in common with music: improvisation, creativity. My visions are guided by the heart, but it is the belly that acts as an ambassador to the head: it’s it who tells me which path to take.

add: If you were to resume your studies, what would you choose?

R: My path led me to discover creativity when I was very young, I had it in my hands when I first started working as a florist. If I were to go back to school I would choose the conservatory, but I don't feel this as a need: I was lucky enough to meet people who have enriched me at every stage of my journey. My desire to travel with my mind by simply reading a book, watching a movie, going to an exhibition or listening to music are my most precious baggage.

add: Why would you choose the conservatory in particular?

R: While knowing how to sing is a natural gift, I would like to go deeper and learn to recognize the mechanisms and dynamics behind what is now pure intuition to me.

add: One of the founding values ​​of add is lightness, understood as a conscious but light approach to life. What does lightness mean to you?

R: Lightness is the secret of my life, I have chosen to be what I am and what I want to be, going through what life has imposed on me. In me coexist both the awareness of being a reliable person (and spontaneous at the same time), but I also have the madness of those who want to have fun. What enriches us is being free to express ourselves in every field and create something innovative. We must persevere, commit ourselves and be a little crazy, having passion and predisposition is not enough.

add: What Milan is for you?

R: Milan is the metropolis of possibilities. For those coming from the province, coming here is like going to New York [laughs]. Milan gave me the opportunity to start over and challenge myself. I opened my shop here in 2009 and people who walked in were attracted to my way of working, simple and true. Customers know how to recognize when behind there’s something that is not just fashion and trend, but truth.