Nicolò Rosmarini

ADD | Nicolò Rosmarini

add meets Nicolò Rosmarini, an architect from Milan who winks at a greener metropolis.

Nicolò Rosmarini

add: What prompted you to pursue a career as an architect?

N: It was a talk with my father, during which I realized I wanted to do a job surrounded by "beauty", where I’d be able to think outside the box to carry out a project and constantly challenge myself. Finally, thanks in part to some experiences abroad, I was lucky enough to join a very important studio here in Milan, with which I still collaborate.

add: What kind of projects are you involved in?

N: In the studio I dedicate myself, together with my team, to the design of buildings from both a functional and an aesthetic point of view. Very stimulating projects which, in some cases, have allowed me to work with colleagues of the highest level. The goal is to develop architectures that attract people's eyes, able, even for a moment, to make them look up and, with it, lift them from their thoughts for a little while.

add: One of the add’s values is lightness, the idea of ​​a conscious lightness that guides a personal expression free from judgment. Do you find this lightness expressed in the architecture that represents you?

N: Yes, the concept of “lightness” well represents my aesthetic. I try to focus on original, unique, but at the same time simple lines. The basic will is to pursue my thoughts, without being too influenced by the trends of the moment, but giving voice to my personal expression.

add: What is your relationship with Milan?

N: Walking through the streets of the center you realize you are in a special place full of history and characteristic venues. Milan is smaller than it seems and I love it for this: I can easily move around on foot while admiring what surrounds me.

add: What would you like to accomplish in your near future?

N: Thanks to the freedom of expression offered by an architect career, I would like to be able to create works that allow me to communicate something that lasts over time. I would like to help transform Milan into an increasingly green city.