Camilla Sepe

ADD | Camilla Sepe

add meets Camilla Sepe: a cheerful personality, inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of her parents.

Camilla Sepe

add: Hi Camilla, what does your job look like? Which path led you to your work?

C: I graduated in Economics. During my studies I spent some time abroad, in Chile and Madrid. Thanks to these experiences, once I returned to Milan I joined a consulting company. Now I run projects for companies and businesses in the food service sector, developing and improving their operations. It is a demanding job, but I find it very rewarding and formative as well.

add: What is a dream that you have not yet realized?

C: In the future I would like to try living and working in Madrid. From the experience of this city during my studies, I understood that it would also be interesting for me to experience it on the working front. I would also like to expand my skills in the waste management sector to help ensure proper management of waste and production waste in order to reduce its environmental impact.

add: A pillar value of add is lightness, meant not only as an iconic feature of our downs, but also as an approach to life. What does lightness mean to you?

C: For me, lightness is living every moment at its fullest, recognizing the value of simple things. My ideal lightness day would be indulging myself to the most, with family and friends for a boat trip to admire the sunset amidst laughter and joy. After all, the "Covid" experience brought with it a great lesson: rediscovering the importance of simple things, of time well spent with loved ones, which before was sometimes taken for granted.

V: For you Milan is...

C: I find it to be a very dynamic city, always on the move. It is also human-scaled and in a strategic position for organizing out of town trips. It allows you to experience the most unique places and at the same time to become attached to those that make you feel "home", where I always like to return.