Our story

add® was born in 1999 with the desire to transform the vision of the down outerwear: from a product aimed at responding only to practical needs to an aesthetically relevant element of the wardrobe.

This intention has led the search for fabrics and types of down processing capable of allowing the creation of warm and comfortable garments, that could be at the same time super-light and refined in the design. The men's and women's collections are designed to embrace different styles, from minimal moods to more conceptual forms, in the desire to develop a transversal concept of elegance.

add® is presented through 4 concepts designed to define its DNA: Lightness, a tangible feature of the product that at the same time evokes an attitude towards life. Design, in which form and functionality converge, conceived from a fashion point of view but not necessarily trendy. Value, meant as a quality that can last over time, and Embracing, a metaphor to indicate comfort, a sense of belonging, an affirmation of equality.

The Philosophy of Lightness

add® dedicates its know-how to research and development to offer the lightest product while avoiding loss of heat, comfort and quality. The design of the fabric, the production and the tailoring processes are dedicated to guaranteeing a light, resistant and comfortable result. Especially when it comes to processing the duvet, thanks to innovative technologies, we are able to produce a garment known as “The Ligthest”.

Add® Down Quality

add® uses only high quality down, whose characteristics and filling power of 850 guarantee lightness and comfort combined with technical performance, thermal insulation, resistance to humidity and the ability to recover volume following compression. The add® garments, padded with ultralight duvet, thanks to the excellent ratio of heat to weight, guarantee constant warmth without preventing perspiration. The duvet used by add® comes from the food supply chain, washed and sterilized according to the rules established by law.

Add Location

The world is changing

The constant research in experimenting new shapes and in the choice of materials has allowed us to find the right combination to create a garment suitable for all seasons. This is reason we created the Cross Season line, with the aim of meeting the needs of the contemporary and metropolitan lifestyle. The ®add Cross Season products are padded with a top quality down with a fill power of 850 that allows you to have a rich and voluminous garment, light and warm at the same time. In addition, thanks to the down-proof and water-repellent treatments, the duvet is insulated and water resistant. Ideal for all seasons of the year, it easily adapts to the climate changes the world is facing.