add transforms down into the most comfortable element of urban fashion. Everyday cosiness meets our PHILOSOPHY OF LIGHTNESS to give life to high quality outerwear, which embrace the contemporary men and women on all occasions. Each add garment is created with top quality materials, enhanced in tailored cuts to give life to an embracing comfort that never gives up on style.

add is for men and women with seasonal dedicated collections and CROSS SEASON outerwear designed to provide design and lightness in all weather conditions.


The constant research for fabrics and materials leads add to create a garment suitable for all seasons. Cross Season is the men and women collection focused on the perfect synthesis of technical specifications and urban design. add has selected an excellent quality down with high filling power (850) able to isolate and retain body heat, providing excellent thermal insulation and guaranteeing lightness and softness to touch. Each garment is treated to be down-proof and water-proof at the same time and can be folded into the designer case which facilitates transport and protection.


add reinterprets the trench coat with high-performance fabrics: designed to offer a high aesthetic impact and to guarantee versatile comfort, suitable for different climatic situations.

Water-repellent or water-proof, in a versatile yet original color palette, the add trench coat meets all needs. Available in various models of different lengths and cuts.


Jean-Vincent Simonet's studio fuses analogue and digital images, collage and montage with remarkable fluidity. His work is permeated by a sense of overload, exuberance and entropy. Body and decor, nature and artifice, poses and emotions collide and merge in the poetics of excess where each element contributes to define a wonderful and mesmerising whole.