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add meets Denise Dellagiacoma: a Yoga instructor and traveler.   

Denise Dellagiacoma

add: When did you find out you wanted to be a yoga instructor?

D: Some years ago I decided to take a training course to become a yoga teacher for pleasure, because I have always loved this discipline, not because I wanted to turn it into my job. But the "combinations" of life led me to find myself out of work, so I decided to try teaching and from the first lesson I realized that I would never stop doing it. Thanks to yoga I was able to find myself and my path: before that,  when I competed as a cross-country skier or when I worked at the Foreign Ministry, I felt like I was in a cage. Now I feel proud of what I do.

add: Do you see yoga as a form of personal expression?

D: Absolutely. Especially because, as I teach in my yoga practices, it is important to express the sensations you feel at that particular moment, and not so much to follow specific movements. During my practices I like to stimulate people to move freely, to go outside the box, to learn to let go.

add: For add, lightness is a very important value, it embodies both a characteristic of our garments and an approach to life, light but not superficial. What role does lightness play in your life?

D: Surely the lightness of add down jackets is a fundamental feature for those like me who travel often and need garments that can flexibly support their movements. One of my mottos is not to take myself too seriously, to cultivate an inner smile that can support you in the "heaviest" moments. To me this is lightness, which does not mean being superficial people, but people who try not to be crushed by negative situations or experiences and who always try to bring a bit of light into their own and others’ life.

add: You are an esteemed influencer in your field. What role did social media play in your career development?

D: Social media have obviously played a key role for my growth and for my career. It was a mix of luck, intuition but also of daily commitment, which led important brands to believe in me and to support me, allowing me to create my community. However, it is essential to find the right balance and not become like slaves. For this reason I often take whole days off and once/twice a year a full week of total detox.

add: What does Milan represent for you?

D: Returning to Milan for me is an opportunity to socialize. Considering that with my work I spend a lot of time in nature, often alone, Milan represents for me a place to meet friends and colleagues.

add: What do you see in your near future?

D: I would like to be free to travel again, in order to join a very special training/retreat in South America. I also have in mind to start writing a book on teacher-training for new yoga teachers and who knows... in the meantime maybe find a home, a permanent place to come back to and stop after a trip.

Denise Dellagiacoma